Happy Endings


Lovely Lottie’s story

Lovely Lottie was picked up and taken to our local pound when she was found wandering the streets of Mildura. When an owner didn’t come forward to claim her SARG came to her rescue, though the poor baby had picked up Kennel Cough during her pound stay which had turned into a nasty upper-respiratory infection. She spent the next month on antibiotics while recovering in foster care where she received loads of much needed TLC as well as good food.

This is a note from Chris in Melbourne her new owner –

“I just wanted to say thank you to you and your family for giving us the opportunity to adopt Lottie. It was lovely to meet you and the gorgeous Lottie. We will keep you up to date on how she is going and if you are in Melbourne, you are more than welcome to come over. Everyone here is very excited. I think the work you do in fostering all these dogs is just amazing and I again want to thank you for Lottie.”

An update –

“Lottie can now destroy a dog toy as quickly as Jethro. She plays hard and will not give in during a tug of war game. She is totally indifferent to the cats! One of the cats went on a bit of a hunger strike when she arrived so Lottie used every opportunity to eat the cats food. Her favourite room in the house is the kitchen and she loves to clean the dishes in the dishwasher. She has met all our family members dogs and now has lots of new best friends – although Jethro will push them out of the way if they try to play with her. They are never apart! ”


Barney’s story

– abandoned at the Mildura Animal Shelter.

When we first saw Barney in the shelter we thought he was a little old dog as he was so filthy, smelly and matted, he’d obviously never been clipped, he couldn’t even fully raise his head and it pulled to the left as his ear hair had become entangled in a massive matt under his neck which was stopping him from moving his head, We just had to rescue this sad, woolly little lamb!!

On arrival at the vets Barney weighed 6.2kgs but after his vetwork and shave-down (and bath!!) he weighed a mere 4.7kgs, so the poor little guy was finally released from 1.5kgs of foul fur and out came Barney as we know him, a loving, affectionate little dog with a heart of gold and he was only 12 months or so old!!

Barney went into Foster care with SARG – and was adopted – see below an e-mail from his new family

Hi Mandy,

Just a quick email to let you guys at SARG know how happy Barney is in our home. Barney and Scooby are inseparable, playing and snuggling on the couch together. They both love playing with their toys from their toy box and zooming around the back yard. We are keeping up with Barney’s training he still sits and now knows stay and roll over. He is slowly getting better at being picked up and carried around, I think Scooby helps with this as Scooby would be happy being carried around all day.

Toilet training is going great provided Barney can get out the door and not caught up in the new curtain!! (like last night)

Barney went to the vet yesterday for his check-up and as we already knew he is in great health, his ear infection is all cleared up and the few sores on the edges of his ears (from the grass seeds) have healed, Barney loves a belly rub and gets very excited when I put his jumper on and is happy to keep it on. Barney has put on a little weight and now weighs 5.2kg both dogs love Sunday as their weekend treat is the lamb bones to chew on Barney still tries to sneak his bone into the house. My mum has been unwell and has been staying with us both Scooby but especially Barney spend alot of their day sitting with her.

Thank you to you and SARG for opening the gate for Barney, our family are grateful to you all.

From the whole Turner family, in Colbinabbin.



Hi Mandy,

I’ve finally downloaded some photos of my beautiful boy Shadow!!!

He has settled in brilliantly, it’s like he’s always been a part of our family.  Shadow charms anyone who meets him & is doing really well at doggy school.  He just loves everyone, people & dogs alike.

Our other dog Nelson is just brilliant with Shadow (as we expected).  He’s so patient with him & will let him know when he’s gone too far with his puppy exuberance with just a look or a bark.  It’s actually great to just sit back & watch them interact.  Other than down at the park (where there are other puppies or you dogs to run & play with!!!), Shadow is never further than a few feet from Nelson.  He thinks nothing of using Nelson as a pillow & despite his increasing size, he still loves to get in to a basket with Nelson & curl up with him. The name Shadow was perfect for him in every sense!!!!

His appetite is a true testament to his Labrador genes but has quickly learnt some dinner time manners.  Whilst losing his puppy teeth makes chewing a little bit more difficult, it hasn’t stopped his love of food!!!

Shadow is also still the greatest snuggler!!!  Any chance to curl up on my lap (or even a snuggle when I’m in bed!!!) he’s there without hesitation. He’s great therapy after an ordinary day in the office!!!

Once again, thank you so much for looking after Shadow in his early days & allowing me to adopt him.  He has brought so much joy in to our lives after the sorrow of losing our previous dog.

We just can’t imagine life without him now!!!

Thanks again.

Jane & Sue


Thelma’s story

– abandoned at the Mildura Animal Shelter.

Hi Mandy,

Sorry it’s taken me so long to write again, just busy at work, with Christmas & New Year etc.  Thelma (now Emma) has settled in perfectly, she and Molly are getting along fabulously (expect when Emma wants a boisterous play and Molly wants a sleep!).  Rob brought home a mega cat pole which is around 2m high, (Rob’s dad made  it many years ago and it had been sitting under their house) and Emma just loves climbing all the way up it.  She also seems to enjoy a fetching game (we throw a toy and she brings it back to us and drops it beside us to throw again) and she loves going outside for a walk on her lead…..hence Rob is now calling her a Cog (half cat, half dog).

We are so happy with her she makes us smile every day.  Thanks again for the work that you and the carers do.

Regards, Nicole