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Foster carers are the best! 

When our dogs come into our care they are placed with one of our foster carers. This ensures that the dog receives the best possible attention before it is released for adoption.

The foster carer is able to identify any problems or issues that need addressing and aim to “train” the dog up to a standard that a new family would appreciate.

A dog can be in foster care from as little as a week up to a month. This can also be the ideal way for a family to “test run” how a dog might fit into their lifestyle before committing fully to adoption.

“Fostering dogs seems like a tough job to people because you fall in love with so many dogs that you have to give away in a short time. However I’ve come to understand SARG’s brilliance in finding the BEST most perfect homes for dogs which makes me really happy to have loved them during the time in between.”

Interested in

Volunteering as a Foster Carer?

Click the button below to download a copy of the Volunteering for Foster Care PDF.

If you have further questions to help you decide if you want to become a foster carer, please contact us  on or the via email (button) below.